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React Web Developer

Lisbon, Portugal

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Full Time

About the Role

Profile/Role: React Web Developer

Competence: 3+ years
Working Model: Work on Site
Location: Porto & Lisbon, Portugal
Candidates can apply from: India, Portugal, Brazil, Europe


In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing user interface components using React.js concepts and workflows such as Redux, Flux, and Webpack. You will also be responsible for profiling and improving front-end performance and documenting our front-end codebase. To ensure success as a React.js Developer, you should have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and React concepts, excellent front-end coding skills, and a good understanding of progressive web applications. Ultimately, a top-class React.js Developer should be able to design and build modern user interface components to enhance application performance.


  • Experience working as a React.js Developer.

  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and front-end languages.

  • Knowledge of REACT tools including React.js, Webpack, Enzyme, Redux, and Flux.

  • Experience with user interface design.

  • Experience with browser-based debugging and performance testing software.

  • Excellent troubleshooting skills.

  • Good project management skills.

  • Bachelor's in Computer Science or Equivalent

Desired Skills and Experience

  • CSS,HTML,JavaScript,React.js

About the Company

About Clozion


Clozion is a web development and digital company that brings your ideas to reality. We spare no effort to lay out an ingenious way to bring our client's dreams to reality on the digital canvas. Our expert team deeply invests them into the project and understands the market, solutions, and vision to bring outcomes for our clients. Providing excellence through immense professionalism and unparalleled expertise.


We provide a tailor-made technology solution that goes with your specific business. We are not just developers but Enterprise Architect, Cloud Specialist, Project Manager, BI Architect, QA experts, and Designing professionals. Because diversity in expertise, thought and background is essential to create an environment where new ideas emerge.

From Tech Start-up consultancy to the established business web development and DevOps services, we have all aligned up the team for you.

Visit us at for detailed info.

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